Vlogging with Blogging + Video

Video + Blogging = Vlogging

It is safe to say that I have dabbled around in about all aspects of media, what can I say? It’s my passion after all. Read this before you begin Vlogging.


The Beginning

I started with blogging about 4 years ago when I realized that my wild imagination deserved an audience and that I needed to release my older thoughts to create space for newer ones. Blogging came easy to me and the perfect time, as I was on a 6-month break and creating daily content wasn’t such an issue, especially since I was addicted to consuming books and novels, well mostly novels like they were food. What was supposed to be an escape route soon turned out to be what as I was running from, as ideas started to germinate and grow, and all of a sudden I was more concerned with creating content that was sellable and good enough to attract a substantial amount of traffic, than I was with releasing my thoughts. And so I soon got bored and wanted to move on to something else.

What is a Vlog?

A vlog is an actual word that means a weblog using video as its primary presentation format. I honestly did not believe that vlogging was a thing as I just assumed that it was a type of blogging only using videos this time, but either way, my attention was drawn, and soon thoughts of creating a channel and actually visualizing my innermost thoughts started to cross my mind. This was a decision I had to ruminate on for about 3 years before I summoned up the courage to churn out my very first episode. It took me a while to structure out the ideas I had for each episode and the content I wanted to put out there.

Coincidentally, I started my dreadlocks journey during this ruminating period, and I had to constantly keep up with watching YouTube videos of locticians almost every day to learn more about dreadlocks and what to actually do with them. Then bam! It hit me. I had met quite a number of people in my age group who were so marveled at my courage to decide to lock my hair, especially in the kind of society we lived in; the typical Nigerian society is one that discriminates against dreadlocks as they believe that it is attached to hooliganism and irresponsibility. Now, although they also desired to lock their loose natural hair, they couldn’t dare take the plunge, as they would risk being disowned by their parents.

How I grew my locks without being disowned by parents

So I thought to myself that since somehow I was able to start and grow my locks despite these social and moral restrictions, and yet still hold on to the relationship I have with my parents, it was high time I revealed my tips and tricks.

I got the idea, created the structure for each episode and now what I had to do left was to get the recording the device and create a channel to put out the episodes. Creating a channel was easy as pie as I realized that if I could have gotten addicted to YouTube in just a couple of days, then definitely there should be a whole world of YouTube addicts out there, and so choosing YouTube became the only option. As for the recording device, well I saved up just enough cash to get a phone with a good camera, as I figured that getting a camera would be one heck of an investment and I wasn’t ready for that level of commitment yet, this was just a trial to see if I liked vlogging enough to make a career out of it. Selecting a good location for the video-shoot was also quite important, but lucky for me, the environment I lived in was blessed with natural settings.
My very first video turned out to be about 30 minutes long, minus the intro and outro, 5 minutes after I was done I couldn’t even remember half of what I was saying. Anyway, not only was it that lengthy, but the file size was also about 52 megabytes, now this was the part where I got formally introduced to video editing and compression, and you guessed right, that automatically marked the beginning of the end of vlogging for me, let me explain why;

Vlogging Needs a Video Editor

There is the need to compress the original video recording to a size that would be accepted by the video editing app you have chosen to use, compression of the video, depending on how lengthy the video is would take not less than an hour, and this was dependent on the fact that the device doesn’t sleep, neither is there any interruption during compression. Once that is done successfully, you can begin to edit, editing for me meant adding a background song to the video so it doesn’t sound dry, and then including texts and pictures, as my videos were supposed to be as self-explanatory as possible, that alone would last for say about 3-4 hours, depending on how fully concentrated I was.

Now once you’re done with editing and everything you want to add is in there and you preview and it’s looking really good, then you move to extract the video from the editor directly into your device, and this usually takes at least an hour depending on the size of the file, also at this point you have to ensure that your device does not go to sleep or doesn’t get interrupted in any way. A total sum of the number of hours I spend on just the production of at most a 20-minute video is about 4-6 hours, now you see how and why my journey with vlogging didn’t last for so long.

Uploading The Video

After all these much work and dedication, uploading an episode to my channel was one thing and now getting people to watch these videos was another. Depending on the final size of the video, uploading an episode would take nothing less than 30 minutes at least, and in a bid to publicize my channel, I had to consult a social media influencer who had some level of expertise in promoting vlogs and owned a vlog of her own, it was at the point I got to understand the importance of SEOs and tags in the use of social media.

I had to be specific and particular about I titled each of my videos, for instance, it was important to title them as “how to twist your Dreads” rather than “Twisting Dreads”, and it was explained that usually when people search for videos on YouTube they are looking for DIYs hence the use of “how-to” at beginning of the sentence.


I must say, vlogging was twice the work than the enjoyment, trust me, it is so much more difficult than those YouTubers make it look, most of them take weeks to produce just one video, plus the better your camera the easier editing becomes and higher the quality of your video. However, the longer your video and the higher the quality of the video, the larger the size of the video.

Compressing a video usually reduces the quality of the video, which is why it is advisable to record short videos, although there are some technical compressing apps that can reduce the size of a video without really tampering with the quality. If you intend to go into vlogging you might want to take note of all these important information and make sure to have as much content that would last you for about 3-4 months at the least, in order to aid consistency. You’re welcome.


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