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Here is another beautiful story you need to read before your first PodCast. Yes before you start podcasting it worthy to read  Olukanni Oluwayemi (Dada Girl )’s Story on how she started her podcast

Podcasting In Her Words

Podcasting turned out to be so much easier than I anticipated or ever imagined.
At the tender age of 7 I gradually started to realize that I loved to argue, it was fun for me whenever I got the chance to prove my point (as ridiculous and silly as they were at the time) to anyone and everyone who ever cared to listen. Turned out I had a hidden passion for broadcasting, and so as early as my second year in university, I delved into radio presentation and broadcasting.
Upon understanding the intricacies and factors that came with radio presentation, and also the rules and regulations guiding broadcasting both nationally and internationally, I soon got to discover that I preferred podcasting, that is, the practice of using the internet to make digital recordings of broadcasts available for download to a computer or mobile device. My first encounter or experience with podcasting was at the start of my second year in the university, right before I decided to go for an internship at a radio house, a friend of a friend requested that I joined his team of podcasters who were looking to create a ‘youth-centric’ podcast, most especially for the students of the university, with basic and essential information of happenings going on in the school environment.

Her First Podcasting Role

I was given an entire segment on the podcast to handle by myself, however, all I had to do was just to create a recording on my phone and submit, ever since then, my understanding of creating a podcast was limited to putting together a team and operating numerous technical applications. That understanding was soon trashed with my recent discovery of simplified apps that not only have the voice recording and editing feature, but also creates an internet platform, that is, a link, with which I could upload my episodes, all of these came with terms and conditions of course, but to a very large extent, they were worth it.

Her First Episode

I recorded and uploaded the first episode on the 1st of June, 2019. Yes, it took that long for me to launch out because first (not that I actually owe anyone an explanation), the society in which I live in requires that at a certain age, especially after you are done with your tertiary education, you become independent, that is, you proceed to single-handedly take care of your well being; clothing, feeding, shelter and so on, therefore, I was pre-occupied with finding livelihood.

Second, I needed to take the time to be sure of the direction I wanted to go with the podcast, that is, topics I was looking to discuss, why I wanted to discuss those topics and to what aim or objective. I eventually settled on dealing with and looking into what I would like to call ‘The Uncomfortable Conversations’, that is, conversations that the millennial shy away from and would rather not have, despite the numerous conversational platforms that social media has placed at our disposal.
So far I have been able to put up about 10 different episodes, some I recorded solo and others with friends. As for publicity and putting myself out there, what I decided to do was to first distribute my podcast to other listening platforms, giving people the choices of deciding where they would prefer to listen and making the podcast available worldwide and guess what? The podcast app I use actually includes a free distribution feature! Awesome, I know, so distribution was a piece of cake.

Her Audience

My target audience, however, was limited to just family; friends and acquaintances, for the time being, till I get to grow great content and decide just how seriously I actually want to pursue this podcasting career. So publicity is usually done on my personal social media platforms and those of my family, friends, and acquaintances. In about 3 months, I have been able to gain over 400 listens and over 200 subscribers. From personal assessment, I want to believe that I am not doing so bad, general feedback has already earned me a new fan base and also critics who seem to have a completely different view and opinion.
Podcasting has introduced to me a world of audio editing and manipulation as my thirst to understand more and make my podcast better keeps growing in depth. I understand the importance of being in a soundproof room while recording as noise pollution could cause serious distortion that might not be salvageable in your recording.

Mixing and mastering of audio recordings could be a task but gets easier with constant practice, unfortunately, the only chance I get to practice is with my actual episodes and so I have the not so good ones and the perfect ones, one of the perfect ones which is also my favorite, was one I got to record with an amazing friend of mine on the topic, ‘Moral code and Orgasms’, turned out to be so controversial with great level of audio quality. I would, however, attribute the quality to the use of a professional podcast microphone (which I actually never use and was trying for the first time), that was owned by a friend of mine, who wanted me to note the difference and to also see the need to get a podcast microphone.

Voice Acting

Another area in podcasting that I have fallen absolutely in love with, is what is called ‘Voice Acting’, that is, the art or occupation of providing the voices for characters in animated films, dubbed foreign language films, audio dramas and so on, which I’ve been able to incorporate into my podcast. Unfortunately, this was one feature I wasn’t able to explore in radio presentation that I have successfully been able to indulge in on my podcast, manipulating my voice to create funny characters and entertain listeners has opened up opportunities in voicing adverts and promos for companies and brands.

Conclusion In Her Words

In all honesty, I have enjoyed podcasting just as much as I thought I would, and I want to believe it is the evolution of radio, as I have seen and I am still seeing people do great things with it.


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