Minister Explains Why Nigeria’ll Not Deploy 5G Now

Why Nigeria’ll Not Deploy 5G Now: Minister of Communications, Dr Isa Ibrahim Pantami announces that Nigeria is set to deploy 5G network however the proposal was put on hold because of possible difficulties that could obstruct the process.

Why Nigeria’ll Not Deploy 5G Now

The minister gave the announcement on Monday at a gathering at the ongoing GITEX Technology Week taking place in Dubai, the United Arab Emirate.

He stated, though some of the telecom operators in the country are set to deploy the 5G network, however, the arrangement to put it on hold was strategic to enable the country to avoid likely pitfalls that could erode the ongoing deployment exercises.
According to Pantami, the regulation of the process needs security agencies like the NIA, EFCC, SSS, Police Affairs, IGP and many further to enable them to be on the same page and control the operations when in use.
‘‘Nigeria is not yet into the 5G network strategically. Some of the telecom operators are set to deploy the 5G network but the project was put on hold. Pantami said.
‘‘So we can be planning to be productive and proactive because there could be possible difficulties that could obstruct 5G network which includes regulations. You cannot just hurry into it without planning the ground.
‘‘The regulations require security agencies like hiring the NIA, EFCC, SSS, Police Affairs, IG and many more.  The idea behind doing this is that while the difficulties you can be on the same page and they will be able to observe as part of their regulatory duties.
Nigeria is ready for 5G network but the arrangement is key. Pantami said
‘‘We are set but need deployment and before that, we need predeployment and postdeployment processes well developed.
‘’We are working to control the challenges of redeployment but the endorsement has been given for the trial. 5G network is not all across the country because of the characteristics of the network.
‘‘At the speed, we are moving, some areas do not even have 2G, there are over 200 cluster areas in the nation and with this, you cannot say we can shift to 5G when some people are yet to access 2G, 3G.
‘‘The gaps are already there, it is not a latest one but you cannot hold advancement because other people are not benefiting. Something we should do is to link the gap. Nigeria is not doing poorly in technology but we fail to habituate and use local technology. ’’
Pantami, who referred to a young Nigerian, Yusuf Sambo in the university of Glasco as the first person globally to develop, build and design real tie 5G devoted to self-organized networks in the UK using general-purpose processors, frowned at the attitude of Nigerians who are addicted to international products encouraged them to change the negative perception upon local brands to promote local production.
‘‘We usually fail to deploy what we produce, we are so much addicted to foreign products and whenever we hear anything local it appears to us as inferior and that perception of undermining our effort is what we need to change, ’’ he added.


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