Things You Need To Know About SMARTPHONES

Know these about SMARTPHONES

Ever marveled at smartphones or how it affects our society? this thing called a smartphone as been around for a while and either positively or negatively, it as found a place in our day-to-day activities. Olukanni Oluwayemi as written something about this as well.

Check out below

Picture a classroom filled with young adults between the ages of 18 and 30, all seated and ready to learn. Leave the room for 10 minutes and then come back, here’s what you’d observe

  • A perfect silence (except for the occasional chirping and buzzing sound, and maybe some giggles and laughter in the background)
  • All heads are tilted downward in a specific angle with full concentration
  • No one is physically communicating with anyone

Leave the room for another hour or two, now there would be a slight difference in what you would find this time; most of them have changed positions, they are seated a little closer to one another in clusters, like friends who are discussing an interesting topic, unfortunately, the only thing binding them together is the electrical gadget (Smartphone) that is attached to the wall with three openings to pass electrical current (Charger). 

What is a smartphone?

No one understands the concept of a smartphone better than this generation, as they depend on it for almost everything and anything they need. This gadget that comes in various shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and designs has been controlling humans since its advent in the early 2000s. statistics reveal that over one billion people purchased smartphones just last year alone, with the world’s population totaling at about seven billion that leaves us with about 20% of the world’s population. Wow, due to the intense level of competition in the market, producers of smartphones create new designs as quickly as they can wrap their minds around it, leaving the smartphone market over-saturated with all types of smartphone designs, and yet, demand always keeps staying one step ahead of supply.

Hold on a minute, all these much talks about a smartphone and yet not one definition. According to the dictionary, a smartphone can be defined as a mobile phone (telephone with access to a cellular radio system so it can be used over a wide area, without a physical connection to a network), that performs many of the functions of a computer, typically having a screen interface, internet access and an operating system capable of running downloaded apps.

Features Of A Smartphone

Remember that picture you painted in the beginning? Yes, now let’s break it down a little bit more for you;

The average young adult is more comfortable communicating through his smartphone than in person. Among the downloadable apps available on the smartphone are the social media apps which include; Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat and so on. Based on this understanding, it becomes easier for you to acknowledge how a 15 years old boy or girl can get completely drowned in his phone.

 Operating System (OS)

Another major feature of a smartphone that makes it more important to man than almost life itself, is its Operating System (OS), besides working on the outward appearance and design of a smartphone in order to make it more attractive and competitive in the market, producers spend more time working on and upgrading the Operating System (OS), including features of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make it more ‘human-like’, and as a result, it becomes easier for man to put all his information, both personal and official on his smartphone, making it his most valuable asset, which is why you have cases of phone theft or misplacement leading to mild psychological trauma, depression and so on.

The ‘Social Media Generation

Going back to the use of social media apps, this generation has been tagged as the ‘Social Media Generation’ due to the excessive use of these apps. According to research, Twitter has an average of about 330 million active users monthly worldwide. The first thing you do in the morning when you wake up is to pick up your phone to check if you have any messages on either of these social media apps and then you end up spending more than 126 minutes approximately on these apps throughout the day or even more for some other people that don’t have control over the use. Another interesting thing about social media is that you can be anything or anybody you want to be, creating as many identities as you want and manifesting them virtually.

Camera and Other Apps

It would be a great disservice not to talk about the camera feature of the smartphone, as it is also one of the major selling points of any smartphone brand. The higher the megapixel (unit of graphic resolution), of a camera, the more attractive it becomes to the buyer; we have smartphones with over 48 megapixels. Smartphones have evolved from having just one camera in the back to having one in the front for ‘selfies’, to having two in the back and one in the front, and it is still evolving! Quite some young adults have found their passion for photography using a smartphone camera to take quality pictures. Let’s not even begin to speak of the numerous photo editing apps that are available for download on the smartphone, that could enable you to enhance any part of your body or the background as you deem fit.

The smartphone gives access to a virtual world that is seemingly more appealing to the youth than the real world. Young adults find it extremely comforting to hide and drown their pains and sorrows in this world they have created on different platforms, using various identities. Just as smartphones have their benefits of making extremely accessible a vast wealth of knowledge, tons of opportunities also a connection with people all around the world, they also have created a dark place where evil people carry out their illegal schemes bringing pain and sorrow to other people. Although there are other Educational, Entertaining, and Commercial Apps as well

Her Conclusion

The millennials are plagued with the advent of the smartphone as it as much a blessing as it is a curse, they just need to find a way to gradually detach themselves from its hold and addiction, and also learn how to control it, instead of allowing it to control them. Try to take a breather from your phone and enjoy the real world, communicate with actual people and engage in physical activities.



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