Google’s privacy investigation on the use of HTTPS in Chrome

HTTPS in Chrome: United States congressional antitrust investigators have raised issues over Google’s plans to use a replacement web protocol that they believe might offer the search big unfair competitive advantage over its rivals.

HTTPS in Chrome

Earlier this month, investigators from the House Judiciary Committee sent the corporate a letter requesting for info regarding its “decision concerning whether or not to adopt or promote the adoption” of the protocol according to the Wall Street Journal.

HTTPS in Chrome:

The new web protocol, referred to as DNS-over-HTTPS, can facilitate improve each web privacy and security by encrypting traffic which can build it tougher for hackers to spoof websites. However, legislative assembly investigators are involved that Google can use the knowledge collected through the new protocol for its own business gain.

Google plans to own users of its Chrome browser begin testing DNS-over-HTTPS next month


Protecting users’ privacy online has become more and more necessary however lawmakers likewise as ISPs are disquieted the new normal might alter net competition.
Once DNS-over-HTTPS becomes wide adopted, cable and wireless firms are going to be brought to a halt from the dear DNS knowledge of their users whereas Google can gain an unfair advantage in user knowledge. an organization representative tried to assuage issues close to its new protocol, saying:

“Google has no plans to centralise or modification people’s DNS providers to Google by default. Any claim that we have a tendency to try to become the centralized encrypted DNS supplier is inaccurate.”

Leaders of the House Judiciary Committee are presently conducting an antitrust investigation into Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook to see whether or not United States technical school giants ar partaking in anti-competitive conduct.

The development of DNS-over-HTTPS is simply in a different way that Google is functioning to form the web a safer place for everybody however lawmakers clearly disagree and we’ll establish additional once their just investigation into the corporate is complete.


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