Benefits of Watching Movies

A number of things I learnt growing up that I would never forget, were from movies. I find movies just as entertaining as they are educative. I would always remember very clearly the look on people’s faces whenever they hear that I am a huge fan of Reality TV, and the expression reads thus; “Are you for real?” “With all that intelligence and poise” And then they proceed to ask me aloud, “How do you find those fascinating?” My regular response tries so hard to explain how I have a deep understanding of the fact that the “Reality” in Reality TV is just ironical, as everyone knows that the shows are heavily scripted, hence, based on this understanding, I tend not to take anything I watch on these shows seriously or personal, and instead, I enjoy them for what they were created for, entertainment.

I also have, over the years, trained my mind to be very selective of the kind of content it absorbs from these shows, or movies, or even TV series. Believe it or not, In general, TV has immensely boosted my vocabulary and also helped with my intonation, here is a little secret, I developed my English vocabulary and word pronunciation to a large extent through watching movies and TV for about 9 months at a stretch. Growing up in an under-developed environment coupled with parental restrictions, I spent a 9-month break indoors, doing absolutely nothing but watching TV, sleeping and eating, as a result, I developed the tendency to adopt intonations, accents, languages and words easily, just by watching a particular show continuously for a certain period of time. Over time, this habit has helped me in my line of work as a Media Personnel.

My taste in movies grew as I grew older and gathered new experiences that broadened my perspective and increased my knowledge, thereby creating new interests. I switched from watching Indian movies to Korean movies and then later stopped watching either, I got a lot more fascinated with action movies and thrillers than I was with Romantic-Comedies or what we call “High-School” movies. However, a riveting interest I picked in movies and sitcoms and TV in general, most especially from popular series like Merlin, Smallville, House of Cards and of course the infamous Game of Thrones, was the manner in which the film crew would accurately create the settings of the scenes in other to meticulously portray or depict the event or message they are trying to pass across, and at the same time they achieve the aim of captivating their audience and leaving them in absolute awe.

A perfect instance would be Game of Thrones, for those who have not heard about or watched this drama series (and must clearly be living under a rock), it is an American fantasy drama television series created off the adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, a fantasy novel series written by George R. R. Martins, the first of which is A Game of Thrones. The settings of this movie was based on a resemblance to events that took place in European history, dating as far back as 299 AC, that is, 299 years after Aegon’s Conquest, yet with the aid of technology and the expertise of the film crew, they were able to re-create the scenes and settings, so much so that one would almost believe the movie was happening in real-time somewhere.

Movie production is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world today, as its pace is seemingly beginning to match up to that of technology invention. With the ability to be able to pull various new stunts in recent productions, especially when it comes to thrillers and action movies, movie production is gradually levitating. As a matter of fact, the more advanced and technical a movie is, the more attractive it is in this age and time, it is almost like the target audience keeps looking forward to and wanting more stunts and innovations, which is why you see topnotch filmmakers like Marvel and DC breaking the Box Office charts, with their Superhero/Superhuman sequels.

Here is a shortlist of the basic pieces of equipment you would need to produce a movie or a video in general;

  • A mirrorless camera
  • Microphones, headphones and an audio recorder
  • A tripod
  • Lights or reflectors
  • A computer with a highly recommended editing software

Producing a movie is quite similar to producing any other regular video, except that it is more technical, involves an entire crew of close to 30 people in various departments, the scenes are heavily scripted and it requires a lot more sequence.


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By Oluwayemi Olukanni

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